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Niobium (Nb)

Trek Metals Limited has further enhanced its Australian battery metals portfolio with the acquisition of a highly prospective niobium exploration project in the heart of the West Arunta Critical Minerals Province. 

McEwen Hills

Highly prospective tenement for a suite of elements including Niobium

Niobium Map.png
Trek Mapping (15).png

McEwen Hills

Proven team with deep battery market experience


Trek has entered into an acquisition agreement with Gempart (NT) Pty Ltd over Exploration Licence
application ELA 33191 in the Northern Territory (Figures 1 & 2), the McEwen Hills Project, which is located along strike from the Tier-1 Luni niobium discovery of WA1 Resources (ASX: WA1). The acquisition gives Trek a strategic position in the heart of this emerging critical minerals province.

Trek Metals has secured the rights to acquire an immediate 80% interest in the Tenement application,
with the original project owners, Gempart (NT) Pty Ltd, being free-carried through to a Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS). There is no upfront cost payable by Trek to secure its 80% interest in Tenement application.

The proximity of the McEwen Hills Project to WA1's world-class niobium discovery further supports this potential. WA1's discovery has already garnered significant global attention for its exceptionally high-grade niobium deposit.

As the world increasingly focuses on sustainable technologies and the electrification of transportation,
niobium's importance in enabling lightweight and durable materials for batteries and alternative energy sources is expected to grow. This sustained demand, combined with limited primary niobium production, underscores the promising outlook for the metal, making it a key strategic resource for industries at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.


A battery metals focussed mineral explorer

Why Trek Metals


Battery Metal Focused

Trek’s focus is to explore for and develop critical metals that are essential in the production of lithium-ion batteries, in particular nickel-cobalt-manganese (NCM) battery chemistries which are currently gaining market share because of their superior performance. 

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