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Strategically located tenement application in the West Arunta Critical Minerals Province contains similar geophysical signatures to WA1 Resources’ world-class Niobium Project.


  • Trek awarded a $66,000 co-funding grant as part of the Northern Territory Geophysics and Drilling Collaborations Program.

  • The grant will support a detailed airborne magnetic survey designed to increase the resolution of magnetic features and fine-tune targets for follow-up gravity geophysics.

  • The potential of the West Arunta district has recently been highlighted by the world-class Luni niobium discovery (WA1 Resources).

Trek Metals Limited (ASX: TKM) (“Trek” or the “Company”) is pleased to advise that it has been successful in securing co-funding for an airborne magnetic geophysical program over its McEwen Hills Niobium Project in the Northern Territory.

Trek’s CEO Derek Marshall said: “Given the emerging apparent relationship between structure visible in geophysical data and the mineralisation discovered by WA1 and ENR, Trek is keen to leverage this knowledge and move quickly to define priority targets for future drilling.

“Trek’s technical team has recently obtained a database of legacy surface geochemical sampling, and we are working through this to build a strong pipeline of targets in advance of the geophysical data acquisition and processing. It is exciting to be in the Northern Territory to explore within this emerging mineral exploration frontier.”


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